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Miss Molly and two men

Miss Molly 

Miss Molly's journey into the catering world started with a bang. Her parents decided to throw a fancy dinner party and asked her to whip up something special. In a stroke of genius, Miss Molly came up with the name "Miss Molly's Catering" on the spot. It just stuck!

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Our Story

Before Miss Molly became a full-time caterer extraordinaire, she was moonlighting as a superhero in the retail world. By day, she fought retail battles; by night, she wielded spatulas and transformed into a cooking dynamo. But her true passion couldn't be contained, and in 2013, she said goodbye to her secret identity and embraced her passion as a full-time caterer.

When the pandemic hit, Miss Molly's creative juices flowed like a chocolate fountain. With events canceled left and right, she decided it was time to take the doughnut world by storm. Yes, you heard it right—doughnuts! It all started with a crazy idea and some yeast. Her son had a school project, and they thought, "Why not make doughnuts?" Well, let me tell you, those doughnuts were like fluffy clouds of happiness.

Miss Molly went wild with flavors. Maple bacon, Oreo, and who knows what else she dreamed up in her doughnut laboratory. People couldn't resist. Lines formed around the block like they were giving away free tickets to a unicorn parade. Those doughnuts were so popular; they could've made a doughnut-loving alien from Mars line up for a taste.

But Miss Molly's talents didn't stop at doughnuts. Her catering business skyrocketed like a confetti cannon. From one or two events a week, she now juggles four events a day, like a professional plate-spinner on a cooking show. She could cater a wedding, a baby shower, and a rock concert all in the same day.


Talk about a catering superhero!


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1170 Wauwatosa Rd 

Cedarburg, WI 53012

Miss Molly's Catering


Monday - Friday 9:00am-5pm

Saturday 8am-3pm

Sunday 8am-3pm


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